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As a first-time home buyer, I was clueless about mortgages. Thankfully, I found Lendgo and let the site do the shopping for me! I was matched with a handful of lenders and couldn’t believe it when those lenders started to compete for my business. The end result? A seriously low interest rate all my friends are jealous of.

Rebekah W.

Having served overseas for most of my deployment, I was out of touch with the loan world by the time I returned home. Lendgo was there for me, and helped me find a VA loan that actually helped me save money.

Sarah T., Air Force

Interest rates dropped way down the same time we were expecting our second child. My dad said it would be the ideal time to refinance and told me about Lendgo. Compared to buying the house years ago, the refi was a breeze.

Ryan and Kaitlyn P.

I didn’t have the best credit score, and the mortgage advice I found was discouraging. Lendgo flipped it around for me and made me realize there were lenders who wanted to work with me. I used the site and let them come to me.

William K.