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Consumer Privacy Disclosure

This site is owned and operated by Lendgo Inc. Thank you for visiting. Our goal is to provide you the services you want while keeping your information confidential. This privacy policy describes how we use your data across all our platforms, products, and services. This policy applies to and all affiliates where it is published. Our product privacy notice explores this topic further.

If you are a California resident, please see the section on the California Consumer Privacy Act at the end of this document.

Lendgo is a website created in the United States to provide users with services they want in the U.S. We are governed by U.S. law and make no representation that we are governed by, or controlled in accordance with the laws of, any other country.

You must be 18 years old to use our site. We do not knowingly collect, use, or share personal information about minors. If you are under 18 years old, you may only use our site and services in cooperation with a parent or guardian. See our terms of service for more information.

Lendgo may occasionally update this privacy disclosure, at which time we will post the change here. If the change materially affects the use of your personal information, all users will be notified and asked to opt in. If you do not like the change, please decline the change when notified and discontinue using our site.

The Information We Collect

Like other websites, Lendgo records certain types of information every time a user visits. We collect information that can identify a user. This includes name, address, telephone number, Social Security Number, and Internet Protocol (IP) address.

Lendgo collects financial information to complete the application process, both directly on our site and through our financial partners. Such information includes credit history, credit scores, transaction history, and credit products and payments.

Lendgo may collect demographic information about a user, such as age and ZIP Code. We may also collect data about online activity or receive, for tracking purposes, information from your internet service provider or other third party. We may add this information to your existing account.

How We Collect information

From you—From the user/consumer we collect the information the user provides in connection with obtaining financial products and services, such as mortgage loans (name, telephone number, self-assessed property value, and Social Security Number). We collect the contact information you provided for receiving messages, such as your email address. We collect the information you provide when you enter promotions or sweepstakes offered by our site, and when you fill out surveys or other forms hosted on our site or the site of a business partner.

From third parties—We collect information from credit bureaus, lead generators, and any partner that might have access to your financial data. The data we collect from third parties sometimes includes demographic information.

Cookies and IP addresses—We use cookies to personalize and streamline your experience on our site. Cookies are small text files stored on your machine and read by our site when you visit. If you have ever been greeted by name when you return to a site, this is the effect of a cookie that “remembered” your name. We sometimes use cookies from advertising companies to track and personalize the offers that appear on our site. These ad companies may use cookies and action tags to measure ad effectiveness. Any information that third parties derive from cookies and action tags is anonymous. We also log Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, which are unique identifiers for every computer connected to the internet. To opt out of cookies: See your browser’s settings. Most browsers accept cookies by default but offer you ways to limit or refuse them.

How We Use Information

Lendgo uses information to provide personalized service to customers, to communicate with customers about services that may be of interest to them, and to improve overall company performance (customer service, user experience, business management).

Information Sharing and Disclosure

Lendgo does not share your personal information with other people or unaffiliated businesses except to provide products and services you have requested or under the following circumstances.

Loan products or service requests—When you request a loan product or service through our website, we will share personal information contained in the request (such as name, address, telephone number, self-assessed property value, and Social Security Number) with lenders in our network solely to fulfil your request. All lenders in our network, which includes banks and mortgage brokers, have entered into marketing agreements with us that comply with federal and state privacy regulations. The lenders may contact you by phone, email, or post to fulfill your request even if you registered for the National Do Not Call List administered by the Federal Trade Commission or any equivalent list managed by a state or a company. If a lender contacts you by telephone about your request and you do not want the lender to call again, say so directly in the phone call. Please note that lenders may retain your information whether you eventually choose to do business with them or not.

Vendors—We sometimes share information with companies that host services for us, such as marketing distribution services. These companies have access only to the personal information they need to do their job and cannot share it with others or use it for any other purpose, as is outlined in the confidentiality agreements and other legal documents they signed with Lendgo.

As allowed by law—We may be compelled to share your personal information with law enforcement or government agencies in response to subpoenas, court orders, government audits, or the like. To investigate or prevent fraud or illegal activities or threats, we believe in sharing information.

Business transfer—Should Lendgo be acquired by another company or merged with one, the successor company would have access to the information maintained by Lendgo, including your account information. This company would continue to be bound by this privacy disclosure unless you consent otherwise.

Email Communications and Marketing

You will not receive email messages from us unless you register to receive them. From third parties you may receive email messages that advertise Lendgo’s services, but we have set strict requirements about such communications; namely, that they must not be part of a “spam” email campaign and they must only be sent to people who gave permission to receive third-party email messages. Should you ever wish to rescind this permission, look for an “unsubscribe” link in the body of the message. All messages should contain a way to unsubscribe or opt out of future mailings.

Confidentiality and Security

Keeping your personal information secure is important to us. We take many steps to guard your data, which you can read about on our security page .

Need to Contact Us?

To update your personal information—If your information changes or you no longer wish to use our service, you can update, delete, or deactivate your account by writing our customer support department at

For questions, comments, or concerns—If you want to contact us about this privacy policy or our services, please write to

California Residents

This notice is required to be published by the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA) to advise California residents how we collect, use, and share their personal information. The interactions between California residents and Lendgo are limited to visiting our website, subscribing to our mailing list, creating an account with us that does not include financial products/services, and applying for a job at Lendgo.

The CCPA states that personal information is anything that can identify a California resident. Nonetheless, this does not apply to specific information we collect, utilize, or disclose for consumers that start or finish the process of applying for our financial services. This is a result of certain federal privacy laws, like the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) and the California Financial Information Privacy Act (FIPA). This also applies to representatives of businesses that are interested in our products or want to offer their services to us. Our product privacy notice explores this topic further.

Privacy practices—We do not sell personal information. As stated, we use cookies and other digital tracking mechanisms to help us tailor our site and services to our customers’ needs and to ensure that we are targeting the right markets. Please see the cookie policy above to read more about it and learn how you can adjust your browser’s settings to opt out. We provide the following table to make you aware of when and how we collect your information and how it might be used.

If you:
  • Subscribe to email
  • Interact with blogs
  • Create an Account
  • Visit Website
  • Receive/Respond to our emails
  • Apply to a job at our company
This personal information is collected:
  • Name/Alias
  • Email
  • Device Data
  • Online data activity
  • Information derived from device data and online activity data
  • Contact Information
  • Professional Credentials
  • Resume info
  • Education/work history
  • Diversity info voluntarily provided
  • Disability info if necessary
CCPA Defined Categories:
  • Identifiers
  • Online identifiers
  • identifiers
  • Inferences
  • Internet or network information
  • Online identifiers
  • Identifiers
  • Online identifiers
  • Educational information
  • Professional or employment information
  • protected
The source for obtaining personal information:
  • From the data you provide
  • Automatic collection
  • You
  • References
  • Background check/drug testing
  • Employment agencies/recruiters
How your information may be used:
  • Operations
  • Communicat
  • R&D
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Communications
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • R&D
  • Recruitment Activities
  • Process employment apps
  • Recruitment stats
Who we share with:
  • Service providers
  • Made public at your direction
  • Collected directly by or shared with our service providers
  • Collected by advertising partners
  • Shared with service providers
  • Collected directly by or shared with background check and drug testing companies

The CCPA permits California residents the right to inquire about how your information was accessed, used, or shared in the past 12 months; to receive a copy of the information we hold about you; and to request that we delete the information we hold about you. To exercise any of these rights, please write to For us to comply, we may need you to verify your identity. If you have authorized an agent to make your request(s), we will need to take further security actions to protect all parties.

Advertising Disclosures is not a banker or lender (Service Provider). Leading Service Providers participate in our matching engine who may have loan products available matching the criteria you submit in this interest profile. The information collected is not an application for credit or a mortgage loan, nor is it used to pre-qualify you with any Service Provider. There is no cost to submit a loan request, get matched with lenders and receive loan offers. You may review the loan offers and talk to the lenders at no cost. Of course, the lender you choose may require a fee to continue processing your loan request, but until you agree to pay the lender a fee, you may stop at no cost. does not charge you, the consumer, a fee for its services. Who pays our bills? The lender. Of course, you will be responsible for paying any loan processing, closing costs or other fees to the lender with whom you close.